Notice about the Coronavirus outbreak.

Please contact us immediately if your child has been exposed to COVID-19 (commonly called the Coronavirus) and is showing symptons of the Coronavirus. Click the link below for more information about the corona virus, including symptoms, how you can prevent being exposed, and when you should call

More information on the Coronavirus 



March is National Nutrition Month

national nutrition month

National Nutrition Month® is a nutrition education and information campaign created annually in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.  Parents can check out resources online at external link


Food Safety at Home is Important

food safety

Each year, an estimated 76 million Americans get sick from eating contaminated or improperly prepared foods. Many of these people get sick from foods prepared in their home.

Food safety is an important aspect of keeping your family healthy. Good hand washing, thorough surface disinfection, safe food handling and storage can reduce the risk of anyone getting sick from food in the home. Click here for some Food Safety and Health Tips from the CDC.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

pupils at montessori school washing handsThe recent coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of concern recently. Not much is known about the virus, and no vaccine has been made for it yet, but there is a lot of people working on it. Fortunately, children don’t seem to be at a higher risk for catching this strand of coronavirus than adults are. You should still take precautionary measure’s to avoid the virus, and make sure to learn the symptoms so you can catch it early on and prevent it from spreading. To learn more about the virus, click here.. external link.


Children and Springtime Seasonal Allergies


Spring is here!  Unfortunately for some children, this is a time of triggering allergies.  Allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is a common problem in infants and children.

Having uncontrolled allergies can put your child at risk for getting a secondary sinus infection, ear infections, and for having poor concentration at school. Read more at external link



Homework Tips for Parents and Kids

homework s

Early in school, homework will be fun activities and exercises, but it still is important to lay the foundation for good homework habits. Designating a specific area in which homework should be done, and agreeing on a time frame for doing homework each day, helps to build a routine that will benefit your child as well as instill a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.  Read more external link


Fun Family Activities for March

family funAs winter begins to wind down, most of us start looking forward to spring.  Officially, spring starts on Monday, March 20 of this year (but of course it has been known to snow on the Fourth of July here in Klamath Falls "back in the day"), so it's not too early to start to think about fun family activities as the weather warms up.  The Spruce, a home website offering practical tips and inspiration, has some great ideas.  Click here to read more! external link



Teen Vaping

girl holdingup ecig blackTeen drug abuse isn’t a new, but new forms of drug can pop up and find ways to confuse parents. E-cigarettes are sometimes used by people to help them stop smoking, but they can also provide a way for young people to start smoking. While it is “less toxic” than actual smoking, it’s still can lead to addiction. Parents should try to educate themselves on some of these new trends, so that they can recognize and understand what their children. For more information about e-cigarettes, click here..


The Flu

brown and white bear plush toy 42230If you have ever had the flu, you know it’s not fun. The symptoms are often worse than a cold, and it’s more contagious. The flu can also develop into more serous health risks like pneumonia. If you have a young child who you think has the flu, see the doctor right away. For more information about the flu, click here., external link


Youth Events at Klamath County Library

March youth event 2020

Each month, Klamath County Library Youth Services presents many activities for families and young people of all ages.  These events are listed in a monthly information article published by the library with descriptions, dates and times of each activity.  We at The Children's Clinic encourage you to get your children involved in reading and fun, and are proud to provide links to each month's article as well as to the library's website:

March Youth Events at Klamath County Library

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