Talking to Your Kids About School Shootings

How to talk to your children about mass shootings and other violence in the newsWe've discussed this subject before, but yet another school shooting has taken place. Most kids have never experienced a school shooting, but may fear they will.

We would really rather not have to have this discussion with our kids. It would be easier to just avoid the subject and hope they don't bring it up. But the reality is that we live in a world where terror and attacks seem to be happening with more frequency. They see it, too, whether we think they do or not. We need to talk with our children. And more importantly, to LISTEN to them when they talk about it.

In again this subject to the Children's Clinic of Klamath's website front page, we have tried to find a non-biased resource to which to link.

This time, we have selected an article on the website of the American Psychological Association, titled "Talking to your children about the recent spate of school shootings." Click the link to go to the article.


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Youth Events at Klamath County Library

Youth Events at Klamath County Library

Each month, Klamath County Library Youth Services presents many activities for families and young people of all ages.  These events are listed in a monthly information article published by the library with descriptions, dates and times of each activity.  We at The Children's Clinic encourage you to get your children involved in reading and fun, and are proud to provide links to each month's article as well as to the library's website:

March Youth Events at Klamath County Library

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