Notice about the Coronavirus outbreak.

Please contact us immediately if your child has been exposed to COVID-19 (commonly called the Coronavirus) and is showing symptons of the Coronavirus. Click the link below for more information about the corona virus, including symptoms, how you can prevent being exposed, and when you should call

More information on the Coronavirus 



September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September Childhood Cancer AwarenessChances are your child will not get cancer: the odds of your child developing cancer by the age of 19 is approximately 1 in 330. But cancer is second only to accidents as a cause of death in children.
And, just as you put your child in a car seat or a seat belt each time you get into the car, just as you teach your child to play safely, just as you watch your young child constantly so that he or she does not get hurt, so you also need to watch for signs of childhood cancer. See the signs at the Pediatric Oncology Resource Center's website. external link


Back-to-School (during COVID-19)


It is time to go back to school! However, because of COVID-19 pandemic, going back is now going to be much different than normal. For there is the possibility that in-person classes will either be limited or canceled. Social distancing at school is another thing that will be new to children, and extra precautions will have to be taken by the kids, teachers, and parents this school year. The CDC has made a helpful checklist for parents that can help guide your through back-to-school this year. Click here to find it. external link




SelfEsteemHow we think of ourselves can affect how well we do things, and our willingness to do things. That's why it is important to grow your child's self-esteem, so that they feel good and are more motivated to be engaged in activities even when they are facing adversity. Praise your child when they make an effort, but make sure that you don't praise or else the praise becomes meaningless. Here is an article about how to build your child's self-esteem. external link


Bike Safety

man standing beside his wife teaching their child how to 1128318A great form of exercise is bike-riding, but it can also be dangerous. Make sure your children are following proper bike-safety. Make sure they were a proper fitting helmet while they ride. A brightly colored helmet can also help make children more visible. Don't let your kids were loose-fitted clothing. Be sure to teach your children the proper rules of the road for bikers. For More information and tips about bike safety, click here. external link


Homework Tips for Parents and Kids

homework s

Early in school, homework will be fun activities and exercises, but it still is important to lay the foundation for good homework habits. Designating a specific area in which homework should be done, and agreeing on a time frame for doing homework each day, helps to build a routine that will benefit your child as well as instill a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.  Read more external link



Tips for homeschooling during coronavirus

photo of child sitting by the table while looking at the teacherDuring this crazy pandemic, it can be hard keeping your cool. Parenting is already stressful enough, so it’s a challenge not only managing your own stress but your child’s stress as well. The best thing to do is to address your child’s fears and create a positive environment for you and your child. Talk to your children about how they are feeling and communicate to them some of your worries as well. Make a daily schedule, children benefit form routines that are predictable yet flexible. For more tips bout Positive parenting during COVID-19, click here external link


American Academy of Pediatrics Emphasizes Safety and Importance of Vaccines

immunizationsIn response to news reports suggesting a possible new federal commission on immunizations, the American Academy of Pediatrics reiterates that vaccines protect children’s health and save lives. They prevent life-threatening diseases, including forms of cancer. Vaccines have been part of the fabric of our society for decades and are the most significant medical innovation of our time. 

Vaccines are safe. Vaccines are effective. Vaccines save lives.  Click here to read more.


Encouraging Humor

adorable baby blur boy 294173Humor is a healthy part of any person’s life. A good sense humor not only helps individuals emotionally and socially, but it can also have a physically effect on a person’s health as well. In order to shape your child’s sense humor, spend time with your child and make them laugh; encourage your child when they make jokes. For more information about how to grow your child’s sense of humor, click here. external link



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