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Please contact us immediately if your child has been exposed to COVID-19 (commonly called the Coronavirus) and is showing symptons of the Coronavirus. Click the link below for more information about the corona virus, including symptoms, how you can prevent being exposed, and when you should call

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November is Child Safety and Protection Month!

child safetyThe safety of our children is something that we should always be vigilant about. As children grow and change, they require different levels of protection and November, Child Safety and Protection Month, is a good reminder for us to check the safety and protection devices and plans we have in place for our children.

Make sure you have safety caps on all medication bottles and keep them out of your children's reach, keep all cleaning products safely locked away so that curious tykes don't accidentally get into them, and read more ideas at! external link


Food Safety at Home is Important

food safety

Each year, an estimated 76 million Americans get sick from eating contaminated or improperly prepared foods. Many of these people get sick from foods prepared in their home.

Food safety is an important aspect of keeping your family healthy. Good hand washing, thorough surface disinfection, safe food handling and storage can reduce the risk of anyone getting sick from food in the home. Click here for some Food Safety and Health Tips from the CDC.


Holiday Safety Tips: On the Road and In the Home

kid with forkIt's Holiday Season! Family gatherings, holiday meals, special traditions, delicious treats — the holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, especially for kids. Unfortunately, for emergency room doctors it's also one of the busiest. Learn how to protect your little ones from some common holiday dangers, so you and your family can enjoy a season that's happy and healthy.  Read more at external link and at external link


ADHD in children

kid taking testADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a medical condition that affects the a persons attention, ability to sit still, and self-control. It can be hard to detect ADHD in children, the symptoms are common for most children. However, for kids with ADHD, these problems are harder and happen more often. If you think your kid may have ADHD, make an appointment with your child's doctor. The symptoms of ADHD could also be from another type learning disability, and the best way to treat these conditions is by learning about them as early as possible. For more information about what to do if your child has ADHD, click here. external link


12 Tips for Teaching Children Gratitude

gratitudeTired of bickering, jealousy, and selfishness? Kids are naturally materialistic and self-serving– but the good news is that gratitude can be taught. And from gratitude flows joy.  Kathleen Berchelmann M.D., FAAP, a pediatrician at St. Louis Children's Hospital, has 12 tips that can help parents teach their children gratitude; read more at! external link



Overhelping your child

overhelping teen momGoing to college is a big moment in someone's life. It is the first time that they will be alone, totally independent. This transition can be hard, and can be harder if that person is overly coddled. Have course you want to help your child whenever something goes wrong, but avoiding issues can lead your child to be not knowing how to deal with issues by themselves. Sometimes you may even have to let your child fail in order for them to learn how to deal with adversity. Click here for an article about how to avoid over-helping your child. external link



Food pitfalls

anise aroma art 277253When we try to eat healthy, and have our kids eat healthy, there are lots of pitfalls we can fall into. Theses include family vacations, having little time to prepare healthy food, and after school boredom. The key to avoiding these pitfalls is careful planning, by making sure you have healthy food prepared ahead of time. For information about avoiding common food traps, click here. external link



chicken close up dinner 265393Thanksgiving is coming up, and that means getting together with the family and having a wonderful feast. However, with all the food that is being prepared, you will want to make you cook it properly to prevent food related illnesses, such as Salmonellae. Read more about Salmonellae here to find out what you should be watching out for.



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