Cultivating and Promoting Childhood Friendships

Even if your child has friends outside of school, he/she probably will form more as they progress through grade school. However, children can be picky, so do not be alarmed if it seems like he/she often has a new best friend and, as a result, ex-best friend. Here are some ideas about how you can nurture your child’s friendships:

  • Meet your child’s friends and their parents or caregivers.

  • Invite the friends over for play dates, but be sure to have an established set of house rules.

  • Find out what rules are set at your child’s friends house so you can talk about them with your child.

  • Get your child involved in extracurricular activities to expose him/her to more friend-making opportunities, increase self esteem and encourage social behaviors.

  • If a problem arises with a friend, talk to your child about why they think it happened and what they can do to solve it.

  • If you suspect your child might be bullied or is bullying others, speak to his/her teacher or principal immediately.