Resources for Human Trafficking Awareness

human trafficking monthHuman Trafficking is a real, and growing, epidemic.  It does not just go on in third world countries.  It's not just about sex abuse; it also involves involuntary servitude (slavery) in many ways.

Each day, there is a news story about someone missing, about a sex trafficking operation being busted, about exploitation of minors somewhere in America.  Yes, even here in Klamath Falls. 

Tragically, the victims of human trafficking are often children. 

The Children's Clinic of Klamath hopes that the following resources will help you understand the problem of human trafficking, become aware of its scope, understand the signs that someone is a victim, and learn how you can help them.



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Human Trafficking Hotline:


Child Trafficking in the United States

What is Child Trafficking?

U.S. Department of Education:

UNICEF Child Protection and Development:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

National Child Trauma Stress Network, Human Trafficking Awareness Month resources:

Polaris Project, Recognizing the Signs of human trafficking:


Resources for Survivors and Family Members

  • Ark of Hope for Children is empowering advocates and donors to bring care and awareness to those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying. Ark of Hope is a human rights umbrella organization using a trauma informed approach to serve survivors through our various programs.  Visit their website at

  • Children of the Night provides a home for child prostitutes throughout the United States and is ready and able—through the Children of the Night 24-hour hotline—to rescue these children 24 hours a day. Children of the Night provides free taxi/airline transportation nationwide for children who wish to escape prostitution and live in the home, which features an on-site school and college placement program. The hotline staff work closely with law enforcement to rescue children from dominating pimps. After youngsters complete the rigorous, comprehensive program of academic and life-skills education, caseworkers provide ongoing case management.  Visit their website at

  • Courtney's House was founded in 2008 by Tina Frundt. A survivor of domestic sex trafficking herself, Tina is relentless in her fight to protect children from sexual exploitation and the devastation that comes from it.  Visit Courtney's House website at

  • FAIR Girls provides emergency response services and compassionate individualized care to trafficked girls ages 11 to 21 at each of their program locations. Upon receiving a tip or call, a FAIR Girls representative meets the girl on location to provide a comprehensive trafficking assessment and initial trauma response. Their team is comprised of a licensed clinical social worker, outreach and case managers, survivor advocates, and social work interns who are trained in providing emergency care to trafficking survivors. Visit their website at

  • MISSSEY is a community-based organization in Alameda County, CA, founded in 2007 to provide comprehensive services to commercially sexually exploited youth in a safe environment and to work for systemic and community change to prevent such exploitation through public awareness, education, and policy development.  Visit their website at

  • The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: The Prostitution of Children in America: A Guide for Parents and Guardians (PDF)

  • TurnAround's mission is to build a community free of violence by working with adults and children affected by intimate partner and sexual violence to address their needs and prevent further violence through advocacy and education.  Visit their website at

  • The Wayne Foundation is a survivor-lead organization with a goal of providing young women in the United States who have fallen victim to DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) with a means of leaving the sex industry for good by providing a safe home environment with rehabilitation services.  Visit their website at

  • Women's Justice Center: A Guide for Mothers, Grandmothers, and Others for Helping a Girl Caught in Prostitution or Sex Trafficking: